Administrative Orders

Year 2021


Security Asset Management/William Barnett

A consent order issued in connection with violations of the Arkansas Securities Act and Rules of the Arkansas Securities Commissioner concerning unsuitable recommendations and other infractions. The summary suspension of registrations issued on March 2, 2021 is lifted for 30 days in order to allow the respondents to assist clients in making other arrangements for their accounts. At the end of the 30-day period, the registrations of the respondents are withdrawn and terminated.

3/22/2021 A/K/A TMTE Inc. A/K/A Chase Metals, Inc. A/K/A Chase Metals, LLC

A Consent Order finalizing a Cease and Desist Order entered against the Respondents on March 9, 2020.  The Consent Order finds that the Respondents provided unregistered investment advice and committed investment adviser fraud in Arkansas and orders that the Respondents stop violating the Arkansas Securities Act.


Security Asset Management/William Barnett

An order summarily suspending the registration of Security Asset Management, LLC as an investment adviser and the registration of William Barnett l as an investment adviser representative of Security Asset Management, LLC pending the resolution of a complaint filed against both by the Staff of the Arkansas Securities Department. 


ZenPayroll, Inc.

Consent order entered in connection with unlicensed money transmission activity in violation of the Arkansas Money Services Act.


Arbirate, LLC

A cease and desist order directing the respondent to stop committing securities fraud in connection with unregistered broker-dealer activity and the offer and sale of securities in Arkansas. 


Caroline Shenoy

Order entered by the Arkansas Securities Commissioner granting limited agent registration.

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