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Arkansas Securities Department Awards Grants for Financial Literacy

The Arkansas Securities Department awarded 17 grants ranging from $2,200 up to $10,000 to schools and qualifying organizations across Arkansas to teach students how to make wise financial choices.

Little Rock, Arkansas (December 20, 2021) – The Arkansas Securities Department (ASD) Investor Education Program is partnering with Arkansas schools to help teach financial literacy to students. The ASD awarded 17 grants ranging from $2,200 up to $10,000 to schools and qualifying organizations across Arkansas to teach students how to make wise financial choices. The beginning of these student’s financial journey could begin as early as elementary school.

The ASD Investor Education Program is a public education initiative created in 1998 to inform Arkansans about investing and securities. Initially, the program was only available to community, civic and senior groups. In 2000, the ASD has expanded the program to middle and secondary schools.

This grant delivers a unique teaching tool to provide school-age and adult learners noncommercial information that is important for making sound financial decisions toward financial goals. The grant program provides materials, equipment and resources to schools and qualified organizations to assist in teaching students about securities, the stock market and investment concepts.

“The ASD has a long tradition of protecting Arkansas investors through financial education,” Commissioner Eric P. Munson said. “We are proud to partner with Arkansas schools through this grant and to share our investor education resources.”

Schools and organizations awarded ASD Investor Education Program grants:

  • Waldron Gifted and Talented – Waldron, AR
  • Sheridan School District Intermediate Schools – Sheridan, AR
  • Pangburn Elementary School – Pangburn, AR
  • Pangburn High School – Pangburn, AR
  • Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School – Jonesboro, AR
  • MicroSociety Magnet School – Jonesboro, AR
  • Mabelvale Middle School – Mabelvale, AR
  • Economics Arkansas – Little Rock
  • Carver Magnet Elementary School – Little Rock, AR
  • Arkansas Middle School Gifted and Talented Program – Texarkana, AR
  • Alma School District – Alma, AR
  • Premier High School of Springdale – Springdale, AR
  • Ramsey Middle School – Fort Smith, AR
  • Berryville Middle School – Berryville, AR
  • Mountain Home High School – Mountain Home, AR
  • Magnet Cove High School – Malvern, AR
  • Wynn High School – Wynne, AR

The ASD cautions citizen investors of all ages and experiences to thoroughly scrutinize and research any investment opportunity or offer. Contact the ASD at 1-800-981-4429 to check out any person or financial professional offering an investment opportunity or investment advice for a fee and the products they offer for proper registration. Contact the ASD to report suspected fraud, inappropriate securities business practices, or to obtain consumer information. The ASD provides free investor education and fraud prevention materials in print and through educational presentations upon request.

For further information, visit the ASD website at www.securities.arkansas.gov.

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