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Beginning November 1, 2009, each licensed mortgage broker, mortgage banker, mortgage servicer and mortgage loan officer wishing to renew a license shall file a renewal application between November 1 and December 31 of the calendar year through the NMLS.

Please update your record prior to the start of the renewal process as this may cause a delay in renewing your license. The failure of a mortgage broker, mortgage banker, or mortgage servicer to timely file a renewal application shall subject the licensee to a late fee of one hundred dollars ($100). The failure of a loan officer to timely file a renewal application shall subject the loan officer to a late fee of fifty dollars ($50).


Beginning November 1, 2008 any licensee that needs to amend or surrender a license, apply for or terminate a license, or other action previously completed in paper form must complete these actions within NMLS. Any applications or amendments to licenses not deemed complete and approved by the Department before October 15, 2008 may have to be resubmitted and processed through NMLS.

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